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Help Notey on his fantastical adventure to save his friends, as you play the game by using your real instrument or voice.

Play a note, a chord, or a melody to make Notey jump, power-up and defeat bosses, all while practicing music!

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"My kids love music and they love getting virtual prizes on their tablet games. With Notey they will be able to earn prizes and learn how to sing or play an instrument all while playing fun games. We are excited to see how their energy will transform into musical learning!"

~ Mani Mahjouri, CEO / CIO at Blueshift Asset Management, LLC

"Our 2 boys love the idea that they'll be able to learn and practice music while playing a video game. They are excited about Notey becoming their new companion! As parents, we really like how the game merges music, movement, colors and space in a very simple and inspiring environment that can be suitable for young and older children. Go Team Notey!!"

~ Luca (7), Matteo (11), Paola & Roberto

"Using tools already well understood by young children to foster greater understanding of the language of music, coupled with using a musical instrument to play a game is a great way to accelerate learning. Bravo to Team Notey for their work to strengthen music education through the use of handheld computing."

~ Ravi Rajan, President @ CalArts

Let the Adventure Begin!

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